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Aldo and Cristian Plaino, Tecnosedia’s owners and designers explain Tecnosedia’s strengths and methods
When a designer or an architect designs a chair, he is asked to go beyond the threshold of what has already been seen or already known. This is a quite arduous task but amazing and enchanting sinuous forms or daring combinations of innovative materials often leap out from their minds. But then comes production, and here things change. Changes are quite often required, which turn the project upside down and everything seems impossible. This is where we come in.
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The extended quality, before certification

The concept of quality has been a key value that we have made part of our work philosophy since the very beginning. And we work on it ceaselessly. And quality for us means viewing a project as a whole in order to make it simple and doable, without ever forgetting details, because it is through them that results can be measured, especially the hidden and intangible ones. And the latter ones are the those that are necessary for measuring our customer’s satisfaction. "Tangible" pathways and results of quality are certified by CATAS, the Italian Institute for certification, research and testing in the wood and furniture industry.
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This is Tecnosedia

For us people really do make the difference, we pay a great deal of attention to the aspect of training because we believe both in our work as well as in that of others.