Commissioning. One word, many services

Tecnosedia, in its constant renewal and ceaseless efforts to meet ever-changing market needs, has become specialized in a commissioning service that makes it possible to satisfy all "customized" requests relating to wood finishes, colours, fabrics, leather and so on. A special varnishing centre is used by Tecnosedia to achieve this result, using an innovative plant installation that employs a technology specifically designed to obtain a qualitatively superior product. The special features this system also makes it possible to completely abate harmful volatile emissions, which, together with the use of non-toxic substances, protects the environment, and safeguardes it in compliance with Italian directives. From the second half of 2013 a CNC leather and cloth cutting line was started up and as of the beginning of 2014 upholstery management has been completely carried out in-house to the benefit of Tecnosedia's quality and service.

Our customized solutions to meet client’s needs can be easily seen in the attention we pay to all aspects of the product. Not only those concerning its design and manufacturing. Let us consider for example orders and delivery. Our software controls the process and makes it more efficient and our dedicated server makes it possible to provided full details of all requests for destinations and quantities, even if this is for one single item only. This is Tecnosedia's advanced logistics.